stop-interrupting-me face Roxana Katimi (Rox): In a story there is always a protagonist, so you could say Rox is our main character. She is... a really simple person, always happy, in fact, she never gets mad... hum, actually, the only people in the world who can get her mad are her brothers, specially Evero! Her family has a store in the front side of her house, they call it 'La Tienda'(what do they sell in that store? no one knows... oh, wait, I know hehe).
her hair is.... all wrong! =P Beatriz Rodriguez (Bea): The Best Friend. Face it, every protagonist needs a sidekick... or in this case, every sidekick needs a protagonist, whatever. She looks kinda neerdy but oh, no, she is not, she is very dangerous! Just wait till you see her in a foul mood... (which is not rare at all!). Ah, her nickname is read 'b' (just in case).
she looks weird because she is standing with her back to the 'camera' =P Mabel Rea (Manis): Beatriz's stepsister. When you add another girl in a house where already live 3 girls you are asking for trouble. Manis' anime posters are driving Bea crazy (they live in the same room!) so she is desperately looking for a reason to move... or even better, making Manis move to Lidia's room. (Lidia is Bea and Mabel's little sister) Of course, these sisters love each other very much =) dont let yourself be fooled by how the treat each other =P
i-smoked-two-this-morning face Gretchen Pinkola: German girl. She is egocentric, kinda crazy and liked to talk and talk and talk! She lives in Bolivia since she was 12 years old, her spanish has improve a lot since then! (dont forget this comic was originally written in spanish =P hence the bad english spelling).
how-did-you-break-into-my-room face Evero Katimi (Eve): Rox's older brother. Quiet, intelligent (we still have to prove that, tho.), kinda (?) bossy and lazy. You can find him listening to music in his room, walking around the store, watching tv at the living room or reading a book while siting in the front door steps. He is not really friendly. His nickname is read 'Eh-beh' (like in collEge-VEry...) no EE-VE like in well...Eve! ¬¬U... just in case!